In order to become the natural shrine of a unique woman, each One-Day Dress is conceived and created following a precise process. The bride is at the core of the creation: listening to her and according to her wishes, the design and the plant and floral composition will emerge.
The designer will of course offer her expertise to shed some light on the possible choices.

After a first meeting with the designer, a textile base is tailor-made. It is then adjusted and approved depending on the wishes and the bride morphology. The fittings ensure to have a precise vision of the design. This textile base will be completely invisible once the leaves and flowers have been put in place. It enables though to shape the dress and ensures comfort, flexibility and solidity.

Then comes the plant component for the magical beauty enhancement! The bride will have chosen the flowers, the varieties, the colours and how she wants them to be displayed on the dress, with the approval of Bethsabée Beslon, specialist in this material and its possibilities. The plant composition is realized the day before the Big Day and the dress is delivered freshly flowered at the time and location chosen by the customer. The designer is present for the final fitting. Leaves and flowers are solidly arranged, the dress is light and comfortable, and ready for you to sparkle throughout this special day!